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The Catholic response/facilitation of the mestizo invasion is also different from Protestants, generally.

Catholics tend to shoehorn multiple cultures into one parish until the original (White) group is effectively ethnically cleansed. Mestizos have taken-over smaller and "mission" parishes, usually rural. (This isn't a comment on Texas/south Florida, where there are drastically different dynamics.)

My understanding is that this is the same kind of thing that happened in northern cities (New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia etc) where ethnic Polish, German, etc parishes turned mud as non-Whites inundated the surrounding areas, often with the support/facilitation of the parishoners' own Catholic hierarchy.

This might be more common in certain Protestant areas (I'm thinking Midwestern Lutherans here) but I don't know.

You don't see this in mainline Protestantism, where the more "liberal" you are the Whiter is the congregation. When you get down to Baptist, a lot of congregations are into mixing token niggers, spics, etc. At the bottom Pentecostal level, congregations tend to be openly miscegenistic, with some notable exceptions. The more "evangelical" a congregation is, the more apt it is to be into token niggers, etc.

Mainline denominations (and Baptists) tend just to seed congregations for non-Whites groups at the outset.

So socially, I see some overlap between Catholics and bottom-of-barrel Protestants in regards to racemixing. Both tend to attempt actively to meld races under their particular wacky religious/social "rationale." It's not so blatant/active with mainline Protestantism.

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