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Default White Trash is what White Trash does......

Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
Someone on SF brought up this thread. All true, Mr. Rouse.
Life long Southerner. I just have one thing I see a little differently.

That would be this: if you were you raised as a SB, you might adopt a certain mentality that de-values learning, but even that would not override your genetic pre-disposition to be above that kind of thinking.

And genetics are precisely why your parents did not immerse you in that, but in something a little higher on the totem pole of intelligence/dignity.

But sometimes you find yourself in the company of those you neither fit in with nor agree with, and no matter the level of indoctrination, it cannot stick, because what's going on internally can't be 'overridden' by all the programming in the world.

At least that's the case for me.
It's also the same reason the 'Millenials' who have been inundated with the 'niggers are great, they're actually superior to you, you came outta Africa, Lucy is your grandma, race is a social construct' programming have been able to reject it.

Your inner workings know better if they still function properly.

I've had more conversations than I can count about why it is that the more intelligent of the White race-the Lindberghs and similar-are not more visible in droves as racialists.
Of course there is the harassment factor, but why so many scumbags (prison gangs and 'white trash'?)

My answer many times has been this: Sometimes, people on the 'low' end of society-they've been around niggers or in prison, and they really know first-hand what a jungle-like race battle looks like. So they have nothing to lose in telling the truth, as they are already living a hard, bad life. So that's why 'lower classes' of people might actually be the first to tell the truth about these kinds of things.

But as for the disheartening feeling when I see this element in Whites: I feel they are our niggers.

I've often said this also, and I feel it's the truth: the majority of niggers are low-life trash, and their minority within their race are decent or capable.

Our majority are decent and capable, but our minority are low-life trash.

So it is real sad/sickening also-when this 'minority' within the White race is trotted out as 'representative' of people who value racial loyalty.

The Whites who hate Non-Christians and education/science are not only a hindrance, they are dangerous.
I actually see them as a problem-at the very least-on equal footing with niggers or Mexicans. They are possibly more dangerous in some ways, because they are willing to kill, rape, maim their own for 'posturing' and positioning purposes.

And they harass in a fashion that would make the SPLC jealous.

I despise seeing a White person that I am ashamed of. It's much more confusing to the mind than seeing a shameful nigger. Because I have no feelings of relation to the nigger.

To see Whites who you know full well would rape, crucify, and set you on fire over your refusal to bow to their god and kiss their retarded ass is far more disturbing, and my feelings of wanting them out of my midst are as strong as ISIS or anything else ignorant, trashy, and dangerous.

They will have rotten lives due to their own stupidity and trashiness, and yes, as you say in your piece, misery loves company.
But those willing to undergo abuse for racial honesty-having to be most viciously assaulted by whites over religion and science, more viciously even than by the other side-is most sick.
If they were niggers you'd say,'Oh, well, what can you expect? TNB.' Much more putrid when they're White.

So I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. People threatening to kill me over Jesus. White people.
And so crazy that they do it openly, in a most prove-able, illegal way.
And so sick they would enjoy harming me, and I know it.

It's exactly what Jewish media has always used-our small component of sick trash-to turn majority Whites, who they know feel racial loyalty but want nothing to do with sick trash-away from speaking openly on race.

I'll say this: the racial reality is the same, no matter what the bad element of Whites do.
It just is.
But that's a difficult thing. Those that embarrass Whites, and scare them from activism, with their dirt-baggery toward other Whites, are and will continue to be a big deterrent.

Hopefully the level of awareness people have, from what they've been experiencing, will cause a continued rise in outspoken, smart Whites who are not in that camp, as we see with the Alt Right.

*BTW-there are some in the 'criminal classes' who would not hurt a woman, would not do things to other Whites, etc. Those are not the 'dirtbags' I'm talking about.

I don't even find fault with those that are low IQ but have basic understanding and want to help.

It's those that truly are sick, evil, and enjoy harming people who they know are their superiors (and boy does it ever get under their skin if that's a female) who I'm referring to.
Everyone who's been anywhere, done anything, met anyone, knows what type I mean. They are our lower DNA, which every race has. And they will be as they always have, a problem and obstacle to dealing with real problems (Syrians, Jews, Niggers, Mestizos).

Like having a weak immune system when fighting disease. An obstacle, but can be overcome.
How ironic, 'we shall overcome.'
Only "White Trash" is what "White Trash" does......or by using
lying hypocrisy and adopted wigger and Semitic cultural values
that lack neither intellectual honesty and nor any whole truths.
Most real problems mostly are all of those within.
Know thyself!