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Talking dead jews are good news

Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
So both Epstein and his middle-aged jew girlfriend and business partner Maxwell wore strap-on dildos when they abused their teenage slaves?

I guess one might wonder why a man would need to use a strap-on, but I think it has to do with the claims that Epstein had a tiny and deformed penis that was shaped like an egg or a tear drop, according to media reports.

Yeah, I've said it many times before, in various threads, but jews really are sick and disgusting.
It's telling that a sex addict like Epstein didn't have his deformed unit upgraded with surgery like many hollywood stars have, it sure wasnt lack of cash ...maybe Jizzlaine liked the wierd little weiner. Women are fucking freaks man, I won't get into it here but I could tell you stories that you wouldn't believe.


Also, how did a "schmart jew" like Epstein get bagged to begin with're talking about a billionaire with all kinds of connections and resources, he could have easily said 'see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya' if he wanted to and I'm sure he did.

It took some very powerful people, people who are able to pull strings the way they were pulled on 911 and not get questioned about doing so to do what was done to Jeffy Epstein, people at the very top of the food chain who wanted him dead. Cos, as we all know dead men tell no tales.

As for Ms Maxwell ...hahahahaha.

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