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Question FBI raids 'pedo island'

Feds in speedboats raid Epstains Caribbean hideout ...

Pictured below the pervs 'rape temple' before the golden dome was removed, note the jewy blue and white stripes on the exterior. This crashing clusterfuck has Mossad written all over it, an intel op put together to entrap and compromise important people in the US and Europe and blackmail them into taking orders from Tel Aviv.

My question is what about the women who helped this fucking degenerate run his white sex slave operation ...why aren't they behind bars like Epstein was? They're hiding out because they know they will be snuffed in the 'protective custody' unit of some federal jail just like he was.

FBI, find Epstein's bitches instead of daytripping on the taxpayers money 'looking for evidence' on Rape Island wont find any and if you do find something of interest likely one of your agents who deployed on the island planted it there to fuck up the investigation.

Locate these fucking cunts and tell them that if they don't talk they will be remanded into club fed general population awaiting a trial that they won't live to see.

Nice catamaran they have there BTW

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