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Jewish garbage channel CNN is kvetching:

Trump promotes Epstein-Clintons conspiracy theory, the latest in a pattern of baseless claims spread by President

By Jeremy Diamond, CNN

Updated 1459 GMT (2259 HKT) August 11, 2019

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (CNN) President Donald Trump on Saturday promoted a conspiracy theory linking the Clinton family to the death of multimillionaire and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the latest instance of Trump propagating baseless conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

Trump shared a tweet and video from conservative comedian Terrence Williams that claimed without evidence that former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- Trump's 2016 presidential election rival -- were responsible for Epstein's death. The Federal Bureau of Prisons and Attorney General Bill Barr said Epstein died in an "apparent suicide" while in federal custody.

As a result of Trump's retweet, the video received more than 3 million views on Twitter by Sunday morning -- more than triple Williams' most recent videos.

baseless conspiracy theories and falsehoods.
"Baseless conspiracy theories and falsehoods"? You mean like when you guys were forced to fire three of your so-called "journalists" after you published a false news story about the "Russiagate" bullshit?

3 CNN Journalists Resign After Retracted Story on Trump Ally

Three prominent journalists at CNN resigned on Monday after the cable news network was forced to retract and apologize for a story on its website involving a close ally of President Trump.
CNN’s president, Jeffrey A. Zucker, has invested enormous resources into political and investigative coverage of the Trump White House,

Jeffrey Adam Zucker[2] (born April 9, 1965) is an American media executive. He previously served as president and CEO of NBC Universal.[3] Zucker served as an executive in residence at Columbia Business School.[4] In November 2012, Zucker was picked to take over as the president of CNN Worldwide in January 2013 after Jim Walton's tenure.[5] Zucker oversees CNN, CNN International, HLN, and CNN Digital.[6] (...) Zucker was born into a Jewish family[7][8]

Jeff Zucker. "Trust me."