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Originally Posted by Jack Dillenburger View Post
Okay, I haven't been long in the racialist community.
We all had to start at a time . .

Some questions
. . let's hear 'em

- is there something to the rumors that already the French Revolution was a work by Freemasons?
The heads behind the French Revolution were Freemasons . . .which is proven . . . I made a thread about Freemasons here

As I explained in the thread , they are an internationalist organisation of alledged 'elitists' . . . They wanted to bring down nobility so they could form / become a 'new elite'.

If so, how does it relate to the NWO?
The House Of Rothschild took over Freemasonry via one of their agents , Adam Weishaupt . . . today this organisation is calling itself 'The Illuminati' . . . Illuminati = NWO

- is marxism truly a pawn of theirs?
. . you might find this thread of mine interesting . . . marxism is not what it puports to be.
- the role of Hitler is often emphasized during world war 2. how do Mussolini and Franco relate to the claim that during world war 2 the right-wingers were alledgedly the good guys?
Mussolini and Franco were brave fighters against Communist tendencies. Mussolini already stopped the NWO from communising Italy with his 'counter-revolution', Franco fought left-wing tendencies in Spain.

In the case of Italy, it had lost all of its colonial possessions after World War 1 ( as had many European powers ) , it 'laid down' . The NWO sought also to spread Communism on Europe's mainland . .

Imagine they had gotten Italy . . They would have gotten Rome ( the centre of Catholic christianity ) They probably would have de-christianised Europe.

Now , not that I'm that in favour of christianity , yet the Bolsheviks sought to destroy ALL European customs and "take over completely" . .

The National socialists united / teamed up with many European nationalities in the fight against Bolshevism . .