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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
You clearly don't know much about pump head and surgically induced psychotic episodes but I don't have time to post on that right now. You are in the wrong business. You should be a publicity agent for heart surgeons to cover up their malpractice.

Had you read the thread you would know the following. His treatment was basically temporary chemical castration followed by an implanted radioactive isotope for a time. He reported on his website that he temporarily lost interest in women. Steele has more on this subject on his website.

This was two years or so before Cyndi caught him on match.com and tried to take him for everything but the shirt off his back. The divorce summary for that year 2000 has been posted at least twice before. I have the divorce file on order.

I don't always have time to refute every silly and erroneous post.

Thank you. So we can also rule out "chemo brain" as well as "pumphead". I've read a fair bit from heart surgeons on the latter and, as I said, the time frame of onset and recovery rules out any defence from that angle.
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