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Default War is definitely here.

We are at war and we are at a great disadvantage; my people are insane. They are absolutely mentally ill, and will not admit they are in a war for their very survival.

Having intellectualized and moralized everything further and further from reality, white people now sit upon a very weak branch which even now they are busy sawing off, beaming with pride as they do and wearing a big clown like shit eating grin.

When I walk around this town and every other town, there is no place I cannot go where there is not at least one white woman who has chosen to allow a nigger or other monstrosity fuck her and parade around in public with, and nothing is done to stop it, not even a questioning word if this is right or wrong. Not only is the question or outrage not posed, but kept under wraps as any intelligent person knows they can be utterly financially and socially destroyed for questioning the genocide of white people. The basis for all war has always been women, land and resources. We are in a war which no one seems to want to fight.

White people in their sick desire for social status have allowed the jew to determine what social status means, and then by just choosing what gets broadcast to the masses of asses, they have made being pro genocide trendy. Every church and social group now decries the 'evil' of racism (racial self preservation for whites).

The majority of people are easily led and are to be ruled, their huffing and puffing dismissed, if not met with a punch to their dumb fucking face. They have nothing of worth to say and do and produce nothing in life which benefits their people. They are merely place holders, taking up space, a cacophony, nuisance and stumbling block because their own sense of self importance comes before that of the existence of their people.

Women are also to be ruled. Their life as an individual and as a group are one giant unending shit test to their men and their people no different than the naked females who would gyrate for viking clans, giving themselves to the victors. The vast majority live an emotional life swayed by their ephemeral moods and wither to the man who will not buy into their bullshit and who either has the most social power or shows they are beyond society by acting against it and surviving and thriving. The fight for women is the most important one for we cannot exist without children born of our women, and we are fighting men of every race and mixture for our own women, who have been swayed to hate us.

We also suffer from the betrayal of our own people based on the poisonous doctrines of Christinsanity and liberalism, which are both jewish inventions. Our cities, land and resources have been given to others and we are forced to pay high premiums to live in the places our forefathers conquered and developed. This happened because white people were unwilling to be honest that it is either us or them, as this was considered beyond the pale, both for Christinsanity and especially under liberalism.

Instead of realizing that power in all it's forms is crucial to the continued existence as a people, social climbing cuck faggots sabotaged and betrayed their own people to show how 'morally superior' they are, and collapsed our society. When they weren't actively giving things away to the other, they were running away instead of banding together, abandoning our great cities, our centers of wealth creation, and letting aliens take them over. So first whites gave up their farmlands for a better life, and afterwards moved to the cities to build them up and now have abandoned them as well instead of fighting to remove the niggers and other trash. Look around in any city now, with the niggers and asians, and jews and desert people in their fucking 'garb', and tell me if this is a white man's land.

Mostly I blame the spoiled cunts of the boomer generation for not only letting their guard down racially, but actively working towards the destruction of white society and all we have built, and giving away the wealth of subsequent generations.

There is only one way out and I think we all know that. If we are to win this there are 4 elements that are needed These are in no particular order;

Community; Communities made of (constantly) vetted men and their women working together. Anyone talking of doubt of our cause of us SURVIVING as a people, need to be exiled no matter how supposedly good they are. A community of people who are vetted constantly is necessary. A certain type of racial love MUST be the core of our mission, beyond wealth or social status*, and traitors must be exposed, and outcast or otherwise dealt with.

A Goal; Having a final goal, an ideal or cause which motivates our people with both tangible and intangible benefits is crucial. One goal which is good as any other is complete control of our territory and land once again, with the expulsion of anti-white agitators regardless of who they are is as good as I can formulate. Why shouldn't my people own the coastal/resort areas as well as the Caribbean islands and have more vacations and free time and joy and safety? I can think of no reason.

Wealth; Resources to accomplish our goal is required. Communities can build wealth and through that wealth, strengthen communities. Owning property outright instead of paying banks, and having family owned businesses which are transferred to other members of the community if the owner no longer desires to operate are simple ways to build wealth & stability.

Will; Foremost is that we must have the will to carry this out. We are in a battle against the jew run government, the jews themselves, the non-whites, the media and the sniveling cunts of our own race. They seek our complete destruction, and so, to protect ourselves, they must be wiped from the planet for all time. This is the greatest charge in the history of our people; the fight for survival, and if we are apathetic or do not have the will to fight, we are already dead.

*Social status based on the benefit you bring to your own people is to be fomented, especially if the benefit comes at the expense of the power of other races.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.

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