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Originally Posted by Frank Toliver View Post
But how long until it starts all over?
IMHO, it would fall quickly. UNLESS: The White Nation clearly showed that it would fight to its death for its survival. I'm writing about the White Nation posited above. Also, the White Nation must have White citizens vetted. ONE date with a mud or beaner, you are out. That would exclude my biological daughter, with whom I have very little contact, to wit, talking on the phone with her eight times since 2011, and I have the phone records to prove that one. It would also exclude my stepdaughter and one of my stepsons.

I treated all colors as a medical practitioner and I saw things that made me want to puke: however, I gave the best care I could to every patient. To White patients I gave it gladly. To the others, I gave it since I didn't want to get sued for malpractice (and I never was.) In a White Nation, I would only treat Whites: however, that nation will not come in my lifetime, I've retired, and I'm physically disabled. I could do very well in a SHTF scenario. However, people complained when I had to use a cane to walk and, until a radical treatment on myself, my right arm was almost useless. Do not ask what I did, as I shall not tell. Period. It was very dangerous and I might have died or been damaged in my central nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc., to the extent I could have been bedridden for the rest of a short life.

The White Nation must be willing to have a system where sick people can be treated without the need for 10+ years of education. I made it through with zero student debt since I had scholarships and fellowships and held about 20 different full or part time jobs supporting my ex wife. That, however, couldn't be done in 'muca today since White men are the last to get jobs. And, let me tell all: I learned too much pure drivel to make good grades in undergrad school and I was only accepted into med school after I got a magna cum laude degree in chemical engineering. I haven't been employed as a chemical engineer ever. I was a great chemist, tutoring chemistry and physics to make bucks while in professional school and got in on projects that I can never reveal. However, a physician's education COULD be accomplished in three years, no "undergrad education," period!!!! My internship of a year is a throwback to the system where the old doctors went through hell, 72+ hours with no sleep and I mean zero sleep. I don't know how I did it but I did. I'm sure some of my patients died sooner than they should have because one can only stretch the limits of human endurance so far. I know the Wehrmacht Army did it, even without the use of amphetamines, since they were in short supply. I know that one Luftwaffe member flew runs in a bullet-riddled airplane for two days. And he had to worry about a lot I didn't. Does anyone think that even a three year residency in anesthesiology will guarantee that all patients will wake up? I could post a verifiable article and case where an anesthesiologist made a "rookie" mistake and the patient died on the OR table when he should have been out of the hospital within a week. Ideally, three years for the M. D. (or whatever) degree, two years to three years as an assistant to an M. D. with lots of experience in the specialty, and then that's it. Don't push two years of reading English literature, social "science," and other useless courses. The motivated M. D. will love his or her literature and will discuss it with the auto mechanic, blacksmith, tool and die maker, etc., over drinks because they will LOVE the literature because IT WAS WRITTEN BY WHITE PEOPLE!!!!! And, like Plato in "The Republic," I state categorically that certain types of music and "literature" should be banned in the White Nation. I'm a classicist, so I prefer Wagner, Beethoven, Orff, Mozart, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Gustav Holst, Percy Aldridge Grainger, etc. Good White "metal" bands and the old songs like the "lieder" written by Goethe would be integral. And, who knows? A White Metal band or maybe a bit softer could still produce a fine rendition of "The Erilking" I'm sure.

The mind set is crucial. People must be willing to forego for awhile the things like "fast food" until it can be made healthy for Whites. There are recipes for quick meals made with vegetables and meats that would just require a changed mind...for all Whites. A hand cranked apparatus can be used to make spaghetti out of vegetables (even the ones not in nature itself like spaghetti squash) and served with chicken or beef, etc. I saw it done when I took a summer abroad and was based in Rome, Italy. I came back to the states 30 pounds lighter and I could bench press 100 pounds more after four months on good food!!!! I took side trips to Austria, Germany, and Greece that summer and I know lots of great food recipes come from those countries as well.

The mind set cannot be stressed and emphasized enough!!!!

Either you are White, willing to LIVE WHITE, or you are not.

More later.


Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel

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