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Originally Posted by Roberto Muehlenkamp View Post
So if someone disagrees with your opinion he a) disagrees with "the world excluding Jews" and b) is a "relentless liar"?

As I said before, your babblings are becoming increasingly incoherent. And accordingly instructive for demonstration purposes.
Pride is not related to hate so spinning relentlessly over emotion that everybody understands is futile.

That's further confirmation of my above assessment of your utterances, thanks.
This remark changes nothing: you are posting in an equal opportunity forum and I am not in an hysterical rage.

Self-delusion I leave to true believers like you, my friend. One thing is setting up a challenge like Gerdes has set up. Another thing, in my opinion is responding to such a challenge. If the distinction is too hard for you to grasp, that’s your problem.
My problem seems to be an ability to spot your evasive subtlety.

No, it’s as credible as the Wehrmacht commandant’s complaint about the stench from Treblinka, in that it is also not intended to be evidence for purposes of criminal investigation or historical research.
The emotions of a rabbi are not credible evidence and they have nothing to do with a complaint about stench.

Oh, now "Jews hate White children, their deadliest foe". That's cute. Let’s have more such utterances from the cloud-cuckoo-land you live in, they are quite amusing.
Evasive non sequitur.

Critical assessment and "instinctive dislike" are two different pairs of boots, except for emotional fanatics like you.
This is another rabbinic interpretation and it evades the point yet again. The incubus on your mind ensures that "critical assessment" consistently sides with the interests of world Jewry.

No, but I don’t consider it necessary.

What would be an "independent" television crew for you, by the way?
On this matter of great importance, due to the extremes of relativism, I consider it an imperative.

Independent needs no hairsplitting definitions.
Fear not the path of truth for the lack of those upon it.