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I posted this here because someone requested this cross-posted in this thread. I don't if the person was some kind of moderator or not.

I sub-titled this report "His crime? Possesion of reading material" because I think the idea that he could have constucted some kind of bomb out of a little weed killer and some matchs and a few old fireworks is absolutley absurd. If he could it would be a feat of enginering marvel not excelled since the days of the Parthonon. Also, the article tried to make it sound like it was a letigitimate and legal thing to do to arrest someone for having controversal reading material.

I but forward the controversal theory that the weed killers was for killing weeds in his lawn or garden. "Gasp!" how daring an explanation.

Also I suspect that the matchs may have been for things like cigerattes or cigars or lightening candles, I know, I know, thats really out there to suggest such a thing. I mean how powerfull could a few bottle rocks really be? I mean would an ant-hill really be in any kind of danger? I doubt it.