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Let's go back a lot further in time.

Having come from Afghanistan (theoretically) the ancestors of the Solutreans spread into Russia and then there was a massive volcanic eruption about 70 thousand years ago, which left about 7 individuals in Russia [EDIT: I read this idea, seven men in Russia some time ago, but I can't remember the source so this information seems to be what is currently acceptable:
Europe's 10 founding 'fathers']

These then spread to Europe while increasing their population once more, reaching the Spain/France area maybe 30,000 years ago. They didn't all end up there, but just spread up in a belt along the edge of the ice.
There is a theory that these people mixed somewhat with Neanderthals along the way, enought to absorb some useful genes, making their brains grow larger. And this resulted in their creative ability, and generally made them into what can be called Aryans. Artistic ability is likely linked to Aryan "spirit".

The Solutreans' existence 20 thousand years ago must have been unknown to Herodotus. They were the FIRST people on Earth to do non-abstract artwork and created highly innovative weapons and tools which then spread from there. They were White and looked like Germanics. May as well call them pre-Germanics.

[ As the ice disappeared and the climate warmed up, some became Mediterranids]

They spread rapidly, since 20 thousand years ago they had alread reached America. The Medes would presumably have descended from them also, as did the Aryans of the Caucus and everywhere else. The initial ancient Egyptians were racially Solutrean.
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