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Let's go back a lot further in time.

Having come from Afghanistan (theoretically) the ancestors of the Solutreans spread into Russia and then there was a massive volcanic eruption about 70 thousand years ago, which left about 7 individuals in Russia [EDIT: I read this idea, seven men in Russia some time ago, but I can't remember the source so this information seems to be what is currently acceptable:
Europe's 10 founding 'fathers']
Actually such data doesn't suggest that a Founder effect occurred merely a bottleneck. It also doesn't suggest that there were only 7 individual men + 7 individual women surviving. Anyone who makes such conclusions hasn't thought about it very deeply.

I.e What I mean is that it is very doubtful that the White population was ever less than 10,000 people.
There is a theory that these people mixed somewhat with Neanderthals along the way, enought to absorb some useful genes, making their brains grow larger.
1. This theory is poppycock
2. Neanderthals had smaller brains than Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

And this resulted in their creative ability, and generally made them into what can be called Aryans. Artistic ability is likely linked to Aryan "spirit".
Uhuh...So what is the Neanderthal haplogroup? N or M? *Yawn*

The Solutreans' existence 20 thousand years ago must have been unknown to Herodotus. They were the FIRST people on Earth to do non-abstract artwork and created highly innovative weapons and tools which then spread from there. They were White and looked like Germanics.
And who has seen them in person? You do realize that it's meaningless to call all White people in the past pre-something since they were pre every nationality and ethnicity, duh? We only call proto-Germanics/Slavs/Balts that simply because we create arbitrary points at which language forms that is to say at one point Slavs and Germanics were the same people.

By the way sophisticated spear tips were found a couple of hundred thousand years ago in England and such as well as many other things showing that Europeans have lived in Europe for a very, very long time. It is probable that they at one point fled to the Caucas from the cold. It's likely that a lot of very ancient art work simply didn't survive.

May as well call them pre-Germanics.
All White people are Germanic?

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