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Smile Crazy John Liberty is Both Crazy and a Liar

Originally Posted by John Liberty View Post
This is just your opinion, you and your ADL buddies the only one who are pushing the Ed is crazy story. What I don't understand, is why do you keep at it after all the good work Ed has done on the behalf of the WN. Only a real SPLC troll would keep it, I can only assume you want to try and discredit him and his message. You do support the message, don't you Don?.

What does posting a seven year old speech of Steeles have to do with his being crazy? You are a liar in addition to being crazy. The ADL never has said a word about him being crazy, see http://www.adl.org/learn/ext_us/steele.asp . They just lick their chops at fools like you who make their cash register ring. The ADL doesn't want it found out that Steele was crazy. It doesn't make him look like the scheming Nazi they want to portray.