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John Liberty

I haven't heard anything in Ed's blog about any insanity defense ADL-Don, your the one spreading the bullshit "he's crazy" lies. Calling me crazy just shows how really full of shit your are Don. Our we supposed to believe you have taken on yourself to save Ed with your insanity defense, I don't think so. Just a a pack lies to dis-credit him.

You should check out his website asshole. The heebs are trying to shut him up, just like I said, (and what he said in his writings would probably happen). The girlfriend angle you are pushing is just more bullshit to support the governments case.

His arrest has been orchestrated by a corrupt government via their armed police, in an attempt to silence his pointed, politically incorrect thought, research and commentary. He has become a POLITICAL PRISONER. This is a fraud, a “frame-up”. Free Edgar Steele.com