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Originally Posted by N.E.Rebel
Hello Rounder and Ron. Wish we could take the credit for this here in the northeast, but this took place in "Rounders" neck of the woods! (Springfield Missouri) I'm just the messanger! However, Patriots from Mass. will be in Missouri for a visit shortly! ( Hey Rounder, friends from Mass will se you soon.) Only wish I could be there with them. I myself will see you in May! Brother Fred has the details

Hail Victory & White Power!
Thanks for the clarification, N.E. Rebel.

Your week-long stay at my house this past summer was mighty enjoyable to me. Man, we badmouthed kikes and koons 24/7 (almost), did we not ?? Your jew-wiseness pleasantly amazed me. Our little trip north was a bit disappointing, but what the hell, we had a ball anyhow. Right ??

The red carpet's always laid out for you and "friends" here. Hurry down. Besides, I want to hear more about your "kosher alternative fuel source". LOL.
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