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Originally Posted by Anchorage Activist View Post
And Mike Hendricks is a man of his word. His article has now been posted by the Kansas City Star, and it wasn't quite as unbiased and objective as Helling.

Note how Hendricks insinuates at the very end that you might be doing it only for the money. If he read VNN Forum, he would know that you have already accounted for all donations received and posted it in the other thread.
Yes, and I told him, in lengthy detail, how I post all monies received and spent, on this public forum, to insure all money is accounted for.

He made a clear, unmistakable allegation that I'm running for US Senate in order to make money for myself. He has damaged my campaign, thereby jeopardizing my election in November. A lawsuit against the Kansas City Star newspaper is definitely in order.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire