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Originally Posted by Anchorage Activist View Post
It looks like you're being taken real seriously now, Rounder. The Missouri Broadcasters Association have written state attorney general Chris Koster asking him to determine if you're is a “legally qualified” Senate candidate
The Attorney General is the lawyer for the state. He isn't supposed to be providing legal advice to private corporations as seems to be the case here. A state's attorney general provides legal opinions to the state and its political subdivisions (county, city, etc.) and prosecutes some cases deemed worthy of its time.

If I were Rounder I'd lodge a complaint with the appropriate body if the Missouri Attorney General's office provides a legal opinion for those broadcasters since that's without the scope of his office. That's what I was told when I wrote a state attorney general on one occasion asking for a clarification of state law; although his office did provide me with an old but still valid opinion issued some years prior.

It seems that the FEC is the appropriate body for asking such questions, not the state's attorney general. And I think the FEC has already answered this question as was addressed in a previous post.