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Originally Posted by TommyJ View Post
Ask yourself, would they ask this of ANY other candidate? The law is the law. Yes, zog's law, but the law none the less.

Pot, vampire, zombie etc. candidates never met this kind of garbage, and neither should Glenn Miller.

Go for the throat Mr. Miller. They are pulling their distraction card now, but at this rate will bury themselves faster than a crawdad in a muddy stream stalked by a mink. Tailor a new ad to attack this Sableman and the scum he works for.

I will be sending my contribution tomorrow. I want to know that my little bit will be going to give these arseholes heart attacks. At least some really bad indigestion.
ZOG doesn't give a shit about the "law". Why do so many WNs not realize that? They'll find some BS excuse to twist the "law" and fuck with any outspoken WN, with the goal of shutting us up.

Anyway, I heard a few soundbytes from Glenn's radio ad, and was very impressed. In fact, I haven't laughed my ass off so hard in a while, thinking of the reaction the average jew and lemming must have to these ads.

Sending a donation first thing tomorrow. Great job.