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Originally Posted by TommyJ View Post
Yeah A.S., I agree but at the same time, if Mr. Miller holds their feet to the fire using their own 'law', then they can choke on it either by following it or showing themselves as exactly what they are - manipulators and liars.

Mr. Miller has laid the manure. They have no choice but to step in it.

EDIT: THEY have spread the manure by challenging Mr. Miller's right to campaign according to the rules. NOW they have no choice but to brown their own shoes in it.
Gotcha dude.

Thought you were one of those guys who seriously thinks ZOG cares about the law that's all. My bad.

And I agree, it's good to expose the hypocrisy and underhanded tactics of these scum whenever possible.

Don't you just love the way the jewsmedia and radio stations whine about this shit? Oh that awful free speech... mustn't let people make up their own minds, oh no... we should shut people like Glenn up... that's the implication when they mention these ads.

Sad thing is, they've softened the lemmings up to the point where they're now ready to accept hate speech laws.