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Default In Brief: Kim Philby and the Jews

In Brief: Kim Philby and the Jews

Kim Philby is a name well-known in the world of espionage and spy thrillers as the best known member of the ‘Cambridge Spies’; who were five Soviet spies who worked their way into the British intelligence, diplomatic and royal establishment, and who is/are the subject of a considerable body of literature. (1)

What is less well-known and commented on is Philby’s relationship with the jews. Unfortunately there is a dearth of material in this area, (2) but from what we do know: we get a tantalizing suggestion that this would be an area that would benefit from careful research and intellectual exploration.

Philby’s relationship with the jews seems to have begun while he was at Cambridge when he began to actively self-identify first as a socialist and then as a communist. Philby probably began to sympathise with jews as a result of pro-jewish communist propaganda of this time and the assertion; oft made in communist literature up till the present day, that the jews are simply ‘scapegoats’ for ‘economic problems’. (3) Contributing to this was Philby’s deep emotional antipathy towards National Socialism; which he maligned as ‘fascism’, (4) and with the jew being perceived as the chief ‘victim’ and ‘scapegoat’ of ‘fascism’; regarded as they and are by leftists as ‘evil pseudo-capitalists’. It is thus understandable; if somewhat intellectually abhorrent, that Philby became something of a philo-Semite: to the extent of breaking off contact with the NKVD when the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939 was announced. (5)

When Philby left England in 1934 to perform some communist underground work in Austria: he; according to Phillip Knightley, ‘helped smuggle Jews and Communists out of Vienna’. (6) We should note in passing that Knightley rightly implies; although he probably did mean to do so, that many jews in Austria; notably in Vienna, were communists. (7) In the course of this smuggling out of communists and their jewish allies and co-conspirators: Philby met a jewess by the name of Litzi Friedmann (nee Alice Kohlmann) with whom he fell in love and promptly married. It is notable that both Philby and Friedmann were; by then, working directly for Soviet intelligence. Perhaps predictably their unnatural union did not last too long and the two split up in the mid to late 1930s: no source seems to have a precise idea of exactly when or why the couple split.

Having experienced the bitter taste of jewish skirt Philby decided that it perhaps really wasn’t for him; well at least not in the bedroom department and having to put up with a jewess as your wife, and proceeded to seduce and marry two non-jewish women: both of whom were blissfully unaware that their husband was a communist and an agent of the NKVD. It is interesting to note that the NKVD agent who probably recruited both Philby and Friedmann to work for Soviet intelligence was Edith Suschitzky: who was incidentally also a jewish communist.

Philby’s early flirtation with jewish skirt however may have caused his eventual downfall as a jewess; Flora Solomon, who Philby had felt the urge in 1934 to try to seduce (whether he was successful has not been ascertained) and then try to recruit as a Soviet intelligence agent in Western Europe. Solomon promptly informed MI5 in 1962; when it was most advantageous to do so, that Philby had tried to do this and this new information served as the immediate cause of the events that lead to Philby’s flight from Turkey to Moscow in 1963. (8)

Philby’s lack of recognition that jews were and are a problem; even in dialectical materialism, can be found in the fact that it has been reasonably conjectured that Philby was instrumental in getting several communist jews; such as Morris and Lona Cohen who has been spying on the United States for the Soviet Union, out before they were unmasked and brought to book for their crimes. (9)

We can summarise from this brief account of Philby’s relations with the jews that he was rather clueless about them and naively believed that they were ‘misunderstood’, ‘just like everyone else’ and the ‘scapegoats’ of horrid anti-Semitic capitalists. What Philby doesn’t seem to have figured out; even on his death bed, was that he had been used and abused by jews his whole life and that the great unhappiness he experienced as a result of his 1963 flight to Moscow and his subsequent cold treatment by the NKVD was significantly caused by the jewish skirt that he chased; as well as the secular halakhah of Karl Marx that he had so ardently espoused, in his particularly deluded youth.


(1) An excellent literature review of the many works published on Kim Philby and the ‘Cambridge Spies’ can be found in Mikhail Lyubimov, Hayden Peake and Rufina Philby, 2003, ‘The Private Life of Kim Philby: The Moscow Years’, 2nd Edition, St. Ermin’s Press: London, pp. 297-363
(2) Perhaps the only works to discuss this at any length are Mark Aarons, John Loftus, 1991, ‘Ratlines: How the Vatican’s Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets’, 1st Edition, Heinemann: London and Mark Aarons, John Loftus, 1994, ‘The Secret War against the Jews: How Western Intelligence Betrayed the Jewish People’, 1st Edition, St. Martin’s Press: New York. Both these theses on this point are rebutted in summary by Lyubimov, Peake and Philby, Op. Cit., pp. 365-366. It is worth noting that John Loftus has been caught lying on television several times and even managed to cause a hate campaign against a family by telling the world at large that they were Islamic terrorists (when they weren’t even Muslims): his work in general makes spicy; and even salacious, reading, but is utterly improbable and absurd in its various theses usually relating to ‘Catholic-Nazi-Muslim conspiracies’.
(3) On this point see the jewish communist Daniel de Leon’s, 1921, ‘Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure’, 1st Edition, Socialist Labor Party: New York. This is available online at the following address: De Leon’s little booklet is still considered to be the premier marxist statement on anti-Semitism and ‘de Leonist’ analyses of the jewish question (predictably blaming everyone and everything, but the jews) as such are common.
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