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Default Structural and Institutional Racism are Real - and Whites are the Victim

susan H 3 days ago
@kellygreen @Truth Teller being a poor white woman with a very young child, homeless, penniless, i went to every agency there was begging for help and I will tell you word for word what said to me and the baby in my arms...."honey you are the wrong color, there is nothing we can do to help you. Try and find a friend or family to stay with or find yourself a black man and the system will help you, but all we can do is file a report that you have a little girl who is homeless and the state will take her away, place her with a new family and you will be out on your bottom with nothing--not even your daughter." This was said to me by a sympathetic BLACK social worker. She was an amazing woman but even she recognized that being poor doesn't count if you're white. This woman helped me find a room to sleep in where nobody would notice us and put me in touch with someone to do some work cleaning out low income houses when the tenants vacated and even she, a black woman, professional and compassionate, warned me of the nastiness I would find in cleaning these houses occupied majoritively by low income families of color. Shi**y diapers stuffed into air vents, sinks and bathtubs literally caked with grease, holes in the walls, ripped up horrid smelling carpets...if I could handle it I would have enough in maybe a week to get a bus ticket out of that hell. No, no individual race is worse than any other in poverish situations but the simple fact is white privilege is grossly blown out of proportion and nobody cares, you complain and suddenly you are the racist.