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Originally Posted by Jason 916 View Post
Disgusting, the "advice" from the blecck woman. Not really sure why the White woman said she was "amazing." Only if the black woman was being sarcastic, then maybe.
The only time whites are directly aggressive is against us white nationalists. They lack the confidence to be aggressive against blacks or jews. If they criticize them, they do it with kid gloves and disclaimers. This proves they are conformists and cowards. They are exactly the type Twain depicted in The Mysterious Stranger - stoning a 'witch' to death. Only because every one else is. They personally, 63 out of 67 of them, didn't want to do it, they just didn't have the moral courage to stand on their own opinion. I like to think this is mostly due to the christ cult, but it probably is to a good degree a racial defect.