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Originally Posted by luftwaffensoldat View Post
Niggers always blame their various social pathologies on slavery and discrimination. The congoids of Afreaka were neither enslaved nor discriminated against by the white man, but are many times more violent than their nigger cousins in America. Of course, the 'groids and white race traitors blame European colonialism for nigger failure on the dark continent; but this is an obviously untenable explanation, because congoids are much worse off in their own independent countries than they were under European colonial rule. The same applies to nigger social pathology in America, which is obviously not because of slavery and discrimination because it has only gotten significantly worse since the passage of civil rights legislation in 1964.

The truth is that nigger social pathology is the result of a number of major factors, predominantly biological/genetic, but also cultural. The first is the average nigger IQ of 85; but this cannot be the entire explanation because other low-IQ, low intelligence populations, such as the Hindoos of India, are nowhere near as violent as niggers. In addition to IQ, niggers have higher circulating testosterone than whites or east Asians, which makes them more impulsive, with a low future time orientation. The third factor is a nigger "kulcha" that institutionalizes and celebrates violence. This is a more realistic analysis of all major factors underlying nigger pathology; but niggers being niggers, they will never acknowledge this.
You're right, but the facts don't matter. The jews have fed them lies about history and everything else, and they believe it with religious faith, and the hate it inspires in them is very real, needs very little pretext to find outlet. Where they are the majority, or a minority that doesn't get punished, they will exercise a terrible revenge on whites they think have wronged them. It's been going on for decades, and has reached warp speed in South Africa. And if you try to post on whites murdered by blacks since 94 vs nigs killed by whites before that, they won't post it.

Whites have gotten weak and soft, and they've lost the mental clarity that used to distinguish them from other races, for their call their softness love when in fact it's just weakness. Blacks are not the animal to be weak around.

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