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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

This thread is to document the dishonesty and illogic of judeo-leftist claims. They say prejudice is individual but racism is institutional. So blacks can be prejudiced but only whites can be racist - since whites control the institutions. But actual institutional practices are uniformly anti-white. That goes for those that are semi-public or in the gray area between public and private, as with SAT in post above. Leftists make general statements about 'racism' that are refuted by factual specifics, yet they never acknowledge these facts. That's leftist privilege - never having to respond to anything because you control everything. Control all the media and government. So you can pose as The Rebel when you're actually The Man.

We are the rebel. We are the White Men. The System is against us. This is not opinion, this is demonstrable fact, and it's what this thread exists to document. Like anyone cared. But at least it helps any honest men understand what's going on.