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Default Susan Rice: Too Many Whites On National Security Team

Originally Posted by confederate View Post
put a dumb cunt in charge of anything, never mind a dumb negro cunt, and the results are going to be far from ideal. real far.
National Security Advisor Susan Rice told graduates at Florida International University that the presence of too many "white, male, and Yale" staffers is posing a threat to the security of America.
Does this high yeller actually believe putting more groids in positions of power on the National Security team will make America more safe? is it possible she doesn't realize that they promote light skinned mulattos like her and Obama because they get an IQ boost from their White side instead of a pure blue gum black?

This is what you get for flattering these morons, you simpering White fools...telling them they're your equal. All these years of weakness and moral decay and now they're no restraint on hiding their moronic behavior just like the black female cadets in West Point now. What about all the African geniuses working at NASA and all those vibrant black cities in America that are sucking our money out like a black hole with all their violence, welfare, crime, drugs?

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