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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Most Star Trek fan productions are pretty horrid, but an exception is Star Trek Continues. It was an attempt to depict the Enterprise's final year of its 5-year mission before it returned to Earth prior to the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Basically a fourth season of the original three-season series. The acting is pretty good, the duplication of original sets, costumes, etc. is spot-on. Some episodes do have the PC preachiness-morality play elements of the original show, but I found it enjoyable for the most part and about the closest thing to an actual Star Trek episode aired by NBC from 1966-69.
I agree, not too shabby.

And for the preachiness, in episode 2 there's a short make-you-wanna-puke, feminist scene.

Lolani: What a beautiful ship. And men and women working along-side each other equally.

Dr. McKennah: Well, the Federation sees no differences between rights and abilities of men and women.

Lolani: But biologically and chemically we're different. One gender isn't stronger than the other?

Dr. McKennah: We're each individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses, but we're not defined by our gender.

Lolani: Sounds like a dream - one I've had many a night.

Dr. McKennah: It's a good dream, Lolani - one worth holding on to.

About 50% of that episode has acting about as good as a porn movie, mostly due to Lolani (Fiona Vroom). Dr. McKennah (Michele Specht) isn't too great either, but she's a looker with that beautiful red hair (yes, I know it's most likely fake, at least to a degree).

Also, in episode 3 Dr. McKennah is sleeping with the Asian-ish guy, Hikaru (sp?) (Mirror World).

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