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I'll be honest. I'm not a big star trek fan or anything. I'm not even a huge sci-fi fan. But I do enjoy watching star trek for entertainment value. Had (((CBS))) picked it up, I may never have heard of it and, if I did, I would have never even watched it. I watch very little (((TV))).

In fact, I only found out about STC from your post above, and I'm glad I did. For the most part, it's pretty damn good and I'm almost done watching the series. It does have a good bit of political correctness, though. Actually, quite a bit.

One of the worst: I just got done watching Episode 7 which is pretty much 90% about "equality" and affirmative action.

Both female characters involved in these scenes pretty much believe that a person who has been denied a job in that past purely on discrimination deserves to be given that job even if he is not qualified for it.

I know it's just a TV show, but it mirrors society. LOTS of people actually hold this belief...LOTS. Yet, just to think it sounds absurd. I mean, just to read what I wrote sounds absurd. But they hold this belief because of emotion, not logic. And as as side note, had I been Cpt. Kirk, I would have denied her a commander position for merely holding such a belief. Holding such a belief alone proves a person is completely inadequate for such a position (well, in a world where one is allowed to hire and rank whomever they please, of course, In the real world, it actually shows complete adequacy since you are sensitive to EEOC laws).

That episode RRRRREALLY got my blood boiling.

But I digress. Despite this, I still like the series so far.

They were smart to disable comments on their vids.

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