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Default Even a child could spot the difference

Originally Posted by Sam Emerson View Post
The original show also had the first interacial kiss on American television between Kirk and Uhura, a multiracial crew including Japanese navigator Sulu, at least one magical negro scientist and every other liberal trope you could get away with at the time.

The politically correct attacks on a naive liberal like Roddenberry just go to show that the basic principle is hate for all Whites, even the most docile, brainwashed nigger lovers.

Behind the scenes most of the creative talent came from gentiles, and from Roddenberry himself who held the technical staff to very high standards. To see what a comparable Jew produced show made around the same time looked like watch Lost in Space. You can't miss the difference in quality.
I watched both of these shows as a child, both in syndication as reruns. I liked them both then, but the difference in the quality of the two was obvious to me even as a ten year old.

Today I consider these franchises nothing more than mid-grade level entertainment for when I have nothing else to do. I would never pay to see them or go out of my way to do so.