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Heanor - Media Over Reaction and Leftist Hysteria


Media Over Reaction and Leftist Hysteria

Heanor in Derbyshire

A number of British Movement stickers have been distributed and displayed around Heanor in Derbyshire, an east Midlands town that has had a BM presence for years.
An on-line report focused on British Movement stickers and illustrated the piece with large full colour close up images of the 'offending' stickers.
If the reporter's intention was to reflect outrage and opposition to BM propaganda, then why did the Derby Telegraph go to so much trouble to show the details of several different stickers and slogans?

The Derby Telegraph really got so agitated about BM stickers appearing on lamp posts in Heanor, mostly around the Loscoe Road and Derbyshire Road area, that one of the news room reporters, Nigel Slater actually filmed the locations with a live commentary. The newsroom also contacted the BM Office with questions about this BM activity. Given previous experiences with the news media, our BM Sunwheel Office team declined to respond - BM does not give interviews or statements to the media, until such time as BM gets a fair and balanced report in the media.

This was just one of several images used by the Derby Telegraph to illustrate its report

The BM Message Appears in Heanor
Not for the first time

British Movement Getting the National Socialist Message onto the streets

Great work, Lads (& Lasses if applicable)