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Originally Posted by Sartt View Post
There is something unique about Irish people voices.
The Irish ,if you ask me, often have that whiskey-celebration flavour in their voices . .

I do not mean that in a negative way, i. e. that they're all drunk-asses but that they are a very customs-conscious people

And . . I know I've said it on this forum many times . .the Irish pronounciation was more or less the precursor of American English in contrast to for example the English spoken in England . . The U.S. did start out as an English colony but since the beginning of the 1800s more and more Irish settled there even to the point that the original 'British English' spoken there took on an Irish pronounciation. .

British English . .

Irish pronounciation . .

Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me