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Talking Do you believe in jewish fairytales?

Originally Posted by Sartt
Those second hand sources, where also taken from Romans who witnessed the Various Tribes of Britons, Germans, Celts, etc all over Europe, and they all wrote their encounters down, People found living Naked living in huts and swamps to people living in cities and in mountain fortresses all over Europe, where ever the Romans went.

Obviously if you think there is something wrong with History at saying Germans didn't build stone, take it up with a Archaeologist, until then it remains a historical fact, that they did not build with stone when the romans found them. They also didn't have a written language, most of Europe had no script at all, except the runestone, and that is also found to have roots from old Latin.
The Romans 'found' their brothers living in huts in the 'swamps' of Europe? I wasn't aware that they ever 'lost' them.

The ancient Romans (Italics), Celts (including Britons) and Germans were the same people who developed different cultures ...why would the Germans and Celts devolve to live like 'animals' and not the Italics? The ancient white folk of the Danube where they all came from were intelligent, cultured people who had an alphabet, advanced metallurgy, employed sophisticated agriculture to feed their people and built with stone ...most traces of that civilization has been wiped out due to its location on the main migration/invasion route into Europe from Asia.

So, the Germans forgot who they were and reverted to savages and the Italics didn't? I think not, sounds like more of the pseudo scientific anti-German propaganda that the jews in academia have been pushing since the beginning of the last century.

FYI, both the Germanic runes and Latin alphabet trace their origins to the Greek ...but, hey all these Euros didn't know of each others existence they just 'sprang up' individually and had to 'find' each other hahaha. (clik to enlarge image below)

"The alliance was led by Arminius, a Germanic officer of Varus's auxilia. Arminius had acquired Roman citizenship and had received a Roman military education, which enabled him to deceive the Roman commander methodically and anticipate the Roman army's tactical responses."
Many of the Colonials who fought the Brits in our Revolutionary War (inc. Gen. Washington) had a British military education and were in the British Army before that Empire decided to rape the colonials for additional tribute sparking the rebellion ...same as the Romans attempted to do to Germans. Many white Americans of that age lived in the wild farming and hunting, wearing animal skins ...were they the equivalent to these 'naked savages living in swamps' the Romans 'found' in ancient Germany?

And same as Rome did to Germans after their utter defeat the Brits harassed Americans wherever and whenever they could, even attempting a half assed invasion of the US in 1812 foisted on the British military by bankers in London who wished to restore their prime position in North American trade. British troops burned Washington DC in impotent rage but again were forced to leave with their tails between their legs.

Do you see how history repeats itself over and over again?

lol, you have no idea how much of history has been lost, and if you think that Human History started in Europe, then i feel sorry for you, because you literally have no clue whats has been going on.
Europe proper, no. But the white race has been the prime motivator in human history since the end of the last ice age. Archeology is proving this daily with new discoveries, for instance this life like and sized statue found in the 1990's which is by far the oldest ever discovered anywhere on earth (10,000 to 12,000 years old) called 'Urfa Man'. It was found near neolithic cities and monumental constructions of immense age built right after the glaciers receded northward smack dab in the area which is considered the original home of the Indo-European/Aryan race ...(clik to enlarge)

As you can plainly see, on the left is a statue of a white man probably a priest of some forgotten religion holding his hands over his exposed genitals.

If the oldest 'lifesize' statue ever found resembled a semite, mongoloid or especially a negro his face would be on the cover of every schoolkids history book printed in the West ...I bet even most 'educated' folk in the US don't know what 'Urfa Man' is or are even aware of the extremely ancient monumental constructions being uncovered in Turkey and Southern Russia today.

Yawn, yeah I have no idea how much ancient history has been lost

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres; unam partem incolunt Belgae ...

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