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Since this thread has finally turned and Germany I'll relate something of my support of Germany...and beer.

I was in Munich in May 1970...just goofing off. I had a small room in a bed-and-breakfast (whatever the German for this is) near the train station. On about the second day I decided to walk to the site where they were building the Olympic village for the 1972 Olympics. I did, big deal...some dorms and buildings going up...nothing to see. I walked back a little less directly and on a small side street went into a small bar for a beer.

There was one bartender/proprietor and about five men sitting around a table. It was obvious that they spent lots of time there. I'd had two years of German in University and asked for a beer. The bartender eyed me, eyed the others who were all watching me...reached under the bar, brought out a bottle, opened it, and poured it for me. The attention from the other men seemed strange, but I was thirsty, so I drank.

On about the third drink, I was amazed. I turned to the bartender and flat out told him in probably bad German, "This is the best beer I've ever drunk in my life." Maybe it was only a good beer, plus the long walk, but it was a damn fine beer.

Well, it was their beer. There was a brewery and bottling set up below and the beer they'd decided to test on me was their best.

I stumbled out of the bar stuffed with wurst and kraut and beer, a few hours later, having spent nothing.

Munich is great in May. There is a Maibach festival...a little calmer that Oktoberfest. The weather is great. Never been back.

You have to remember I live in Denver and some things are perfectly legal here that aren't where you live.