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Originally Posted by joefrombradford View Post
Interesting... you spend money on a DBS but not your court transcripts.

Your DBS is 6 pages long, but you are selective in which pages you have shown us and have even taken the effort to carefully crop the conviction off one of these pages that you have let us see.

Who is 'We'? Yourself and your employers at Hope Not Hate?

The only person who has expressed concerns that I might be gay is yourself and it is clear this is to distract the reader from the fact that you are a man who by your own admission used to regularly attend LGBTQ bars and parties and you have also been to prison for stabbing a gay man and you are very sheepish when it comes to discussing the motive for this stabbing or how you got your sentence reduced by a whopping 3 years.

Lie detector tests... what did I say about your employers at HnH trying to reduce British Nationalism down to the level of the Jeremy Kyle show?

I have nothing to prove and therefore decline your request to take a lie detector test. I am comfortable with my sexuality and don't care if people think I am gay.

You clearly are not comfortable with your sexuality though and that is the reason why you chimp out everytime I mention the fact that you were sent to prison for stabbing a gay man who you had been having sex with. People knowing your dirty little secret really hurts your gay feelings. So, instead of paying for lie detector tests, why don't you spend the money on the court transcripts that you say will clear your name?
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