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Originally Posted by bradfromjoeford View Post
Not had time to answer this load of bollocks, but here goes, and after 2 weeks, it's pretty weak joe.

1) The only conviction relevant to your crackpot allegations is the one I have put up. Conviction number 11 is something that Stampton was arrested for in 96. Is that what your lefty mates have asked you to try to do get, get it all put up on public forum?

2) "we" are the goods members of VNN UK.

3) Where has Stampton ever stated he has attended gay bars or parties?

4) Stampton is more than comfortable with his sexuality. And hold on joe, I thought you originally claimed Stampton did time for raping this gay man? Now he has changed to someone he was having sex with!!

5) As stated before, the court transcripts would just be typed pages, easily falsified by anyone. what would be the point getting them as an accusation they had been falsified would be sure to fiollow. I've looked into it and it would cost in the region of 2000 to get those transcripts. Don't know what rate van drivers are on these days joe, but if you want to prove what you think you know, do some over-time and get those papers because the only thing that makes Stampton chimp out is when he is lied about. He has nothing to prove as he has already proven that you are a complete arsehole; with at best a bizzare fascination with homosexuality, and at worst you are a closet homo projecting your deviant fantasies on to others. Also, try reading the BDS certificate again - there was no fee charged to Stampton, the employer paid that. the same employer that knew Stampton had quite a long criminal record, but by law was obliged to get the BDS print out, to ensure Stampton had never been convicted of arson or sexual crimes because of the nature of the position applied for.

3) on this very forum, you fucking idiot. I believe it was on your 'Nutzi's work of fiction' thread, back when Stampton was pretending to be a woman although i cant be arsed looking for it.

Away from this forum I heard it come out of his mouth, when he was bragging about how he 'exposed' his gay friend Nicky Crane.

4) Stampton refuses to say why he stabbed a gay, leading us to speculate there was a sexual motive. What that exact motive was is not clear, but it was clearly sexual. He was either fucking him consensually and the gay was going to 'expose' him or he was trying to rape him at knifepoint. I cant think of any other scenarios that would lead to a stabbing.

5) the DBS only tells us the bare minimum and not the ins and outs of the case.

Originally Posted by bradfromjoeford View Post
Now on another note joe, we notice you are selective in which posts you actually respond to, so instead of asking ridiculous questions - answer these very pertinent questions instead:

1) Have you ever shared a flat with a "faggot"??

2) Have you ever taken mind altering recreational drugs?

3) Can you honestly say you have not been under medical aid for a mental illness of one sort or other?

4) Why did you disappear for seven months, completely off this forum, around the time wilsure made it known he may involve the Police over comments you made about him?? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING JOE, OR SHOULD WE CALL YOU "CUP CAKE"??

Now if you don't answer these questions joe, we will take that as an admission of guilt and will in future ignore any crank posts you make.
1) no
2) yes
3) yes
4) Busy in my personal life. Limited recreation time and better things to do with it than spend it on the internet arguing with repressed homosexuals like yourself.
Justice for Stuart Lubbock

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