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Originally Posted by bradfromjoeford View Post
Oh, and joe, WTF is the gas mask all about? I'm informed you have a collection of these. Seems a strange hobby by anyone's standards...
It was a photo taken at my old job. I was working with a sheet metal engineer, paint stripping the underbelly of an aircraft that had lightning strikes. We used to work as contractors on planes, trains and boats, I would sand, strip and shotblast and uncover the rivets whilst he would replace damaged panels. There was an NDT engineer working with us too. He would x-ray the panels after i'd stripped the paint off to look for hairline cracks and other faults invisible to the naked eye.

I was working with these two for around 6 years until they decided to go abroad and I got another job doing something else

This was at around the time Stampton and his fellow sex-pest Mr Fingers were posting on an open forum that I was working as a van driver for Argos.

Why were these two wronguns publishing on an open forum what they thought were my employment details, as well as as many personal details as possible of somebody who was involved in Nationalism? Is it because these two rats know that birds pick up seeds and they were trying to indirectly grass him up to his boss?
Justice for Stuart Lubbock

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