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Anima, you and anime movies provide enough diversity for us.
What does your picture show, btw? I've been trying to figure it out, but, no. Wolverine drinking tea from a cup? (I have a wild imagination)

Originally Posted by Demonica
Larry David is your typical whiny, manipulative kike who is mainly concerned with himself and no one else.
. . . .And that pretty much sums them up.

There's a Jew I've been in some contact with who annoys the hell out of people around him. I would like to tell them "You know, that's typical Jewish behavior you're reacting to," but when you live in a country with only 10,000 Jews and most of them are in Stockholm, you just don't have enough examples to convince people with.

Why do so many female comics go way wrong in their repertoire? It's all about "I'm having my period, I'm middle aged, my breasts are sagging, my vagina is stretched from having babies" -- repulsive. And females in the audience go "Tee-hee, she says things we don't dare to!" Hey, I know something else most people don't dare to do: jump off a cliff. Let's see them do that; that would make me laugh.

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