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N.B. Forrest

That tit-suckin' sow O'Donnell gives me the dry heaves: The beast was running its fat, pussy hair-moustached gob the other day about planned protests in the Caribbean over the docking of a fag-only cruise ship she'd chartered, howling against "White men" - as if we're the ones who'd be leading an anti-fruit protest in the Caribbean. The whore's as stoopid as it is ugly.

Another one I hate is that mean-mouthed cunt Brett Butler. Women simply cannot pull off stand-up comedy: It's either that self-obsessed gyno shit that Fredrik mentioned, or it's an excuse for leftist/feminist bitching a la Janeane Garofalo. Either way, it's about as funny as a severe case of hemorrhoids.

The aggression necessary to good stand-up is extremely off-putting when attempted by a woman. They should stick to being comedic actresses, like Lucille Ball.