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Lila Henley
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Lila Henley

Hmmm...I don't think spanking is wrong. In fact it's a way of telling your child what they've done wrong. When I was in elementary school and I received bad grades, my parents would always want an explanation first. Usually my response was,"I didn't study because I wanted to play." etc etc. So since I didn't take studies seriously, I got a spanking or whooping or whatever it's called nowadays. That really helped. Because it sent the message that I'm not doing my work and if I don't do my work it results in a failing grade which results in discipline and punishment. Set my focus back on track and when my child starts to act up in a way s/he isn't supposed to, I will spank them as well. Maybe not with a belt because those really hurt but maybe a back scratcher or my hand.
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