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Thumbs down I used to watch Smackdown, but no more

I used to think Smackdown (I don't get cable or satellite, so I don't get RAW) was not such a bad show for white boys to watch. It showcased a lot of big macho white guys being tough. There was some bad stuff, but a lot of good stuff, too.

I especially liked Kurt Angle (a great athelete, great wrestler, and a good actor in his roles, too) and Brock Lesnar. Both were great physical specimens and good examples for young white boys.

However, a couple years ago the writing became terribly anti-white. The story lines for Brock Lesnar got so humiliating and degrading for Brock (a huge, blond guy from Minnesota who looks like a pure Viking) that Brock finally quit the WWE and tried to make it into the NFL. Meanwhile, the same thing was being done to Kurt Angle. At the same time, the WWE writers began playing up the Mexican wrestlers. The Mexicans are always shown as noble and heroic, while Angle and Lesnar and the other white wrestlers are portrayed as cowardly and disgusting. The pandering to the Mexicans got so bad, that I just quit watching the show.

Fuck the WWE. It has become as anti-white as anything the Jews produce for TV. I never watch the show anymore, and neither do my sons.