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Vince McMahon is totally against political correctness but he is not pro white.
He cares about success more than anything else.

Having said that WWE does do alot of things other shows would not dream of.

E.g. the current Smackdown champion is John "Bradshaw" Layfield, who's character is an exaggerated version of the man himself, described as "a cross between JR Ewing, Pat Buchanan, and David Duke".
He is the guy who made Nazi salutes in Germany and was fired from CNBC.
During his feud with Eddie Gurerro he made numerous "racist" comments about immigration and Eddie's heritage. Because he's a heel(bad guy), he can get away with it
He also won every match in their feud.

Bradshaw also defeated black Booker T at Survivor Series with a little help from another black, his "house boy"(Booker's words) Orlando Jordan.

At the same time, the WWE writers began playing up the Mexican wrestlers. The Mexicans are always shown as noble and heroic, while Angle and Lesnar and the other white wrestlers are portrayed as cowardly and disgusting.
That's not quite true, although during their feud this year Angle was the bad guy and Eddie the face, Eddie's whole gimmik is "I lie, I cheat, I steal".
He almost always has to cheat to win, which is quite unusual for a face.
Kurt Angle lost their match at Wrestlemania after Eddie cheated. When he returned some months later he won the return match fair and square by making Eddie submit. It's not often you see a face lose cleanly like that.

Eddie Gurerro has pretty much been buried since earlier on in the year when he became WWE champion.