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Originally Posted by hitler goddess
As for the removal of non-white women. I think that was just a smart business move on the part of Vince McMahan. He has got to know that most men are going to prefer to look at ONLY white women.
Exactly. Pure business move. I've never understood why there are any nigger sows on television anyway. White men don't want to look at nigger sows, We want to look at white women. Nigger bucks don't want to look at nigger sows either, they prefer to look at white women too. Hence, the only demographic that is screaming to see nigger sows on tv are OTHER nigger sows, and they are not a large percentage of ANY audience-particulary wrestling.

Oh, I don't include the nigger sow oprah in my analysis. She is, and always has been, a tool of the jew demons used to capture the attention of the white female audience and turn them against white men.