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Default Well, I don't get cable

Since I don't subscribe to cable or dish, I only get a few network TV stations. The only show I regularly watch on TV is UPN's "Enterprise". I enjoy it despite all the multi-culti propaganda mixed in it. It's just good science fiction, and the main characters are all white and pretty cool.

And so on Thursday's I would tune into Smackdown at times. Yeah, it's all a big soap opera on steroids, but the athletes are incredible. I've always been amazed that they do the things they do and nobody usually gets hurt very badly. And a few years ago it was mostly big, athletic white men acting tough and kicking ass, kinda like something out of ancient Greek mythology.

But really, over the past two years it seemed that for the most part the white guys like Lesnar and Angle were made to look like fools, or bigots, or sick or just plain un-noble in all their actions, while the Mexican wrestlers like Guerrero and the little guy were always portrayed as the good guys with a code of honor. Even when they would "lie, cheat and steal" to win, they were made to look good doing it, and they seemed to be justified in doing it because Angle and the white guys had it coming.

Anyway, it used to be decent entertainment a few years back, but I don't let my son's watch it anymore. Neither do I.