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Default homosexual captured for 'sickening' child porn of him rape-sodomizing a little boy found on the cell-phone of Austrialian traveler at airport

Paedophile arrested in the US after Australian officials link him to sickening images found on the phone of a passenger who was flying out of Sydney

When are Normals going to put an end to members of the Alternative Lifestyle community targeting their children?

Do Normals target the children of the Alternative Lifestyle community?

  • Alleged US paedophile Edwin Collison, 35, arrested in Arizona
  • Australian authorities stopped a traveller and his girlfriend at Sydney airport
  • Found pornographic pictures of a 10-year-old Arizona (boy) victim on a phone
  • The photos were then linked back to Collison who was arrested in Arizona
  • Collision is accused of taking explicit photos and sending them to paedophiles around the world via kik chat and Skype
  • Collison is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor
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