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Originally Posted by blizzard
Just think what the percentages would be if negroes didn't get special consideration to enter law schools. Probably almost zero. Law schools have for years been ignoring higher qualified whites to put subhuman negroes into law schools, medical schools etc.

One thing is for certain, if you are a gifted negroid which means having the average intelligence of a white person, the sky is the limit in the United States.

Companies salivate over the few negroids who have a brain.
Very true. What affirmative action does is it creates mismatches. It takes a bright nigger good enough for some middling local school and puts him in Harvard, while it takes the nigger unqualified to go to any school and puts him at the middling local school. In each case the nigger sinks in the face of the tougher competition, and this necessitates even more affirmative action.