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It's very doubtful. She is actually very, very faintly descended from Royalty. Her great-grandmother x14 was Anne Gascoigne Fairfax. Anne's great-grandprents x5 were Edward III and Phillipa of Hainault. Other notables on her father's side include some 17th c. clergymen. There is also a more tenuous connection to another so-many-great grandparent called Henry Davenport who was descended from Queen Elizabeth I and whose wife was the great-great grandaughter of Anne Boleyn.

On her mother's side, the Goldsmith connection is listed in Burke's Peerage.
Ronald John James Goldsmith1
M, #202989, b. 25 April 1931, d. September 2003
Ronald John James Goldsmith|b. 25 Apr 1931\nd. Sep 2003|p20299.htm#i202989|Stephen Charles Goldsmith|b. 6 Nov 1886|p20300.htm#i202992|Edith Eliza Chandler|b. 21 Jan 1889|p20300.htm#i202993|John Goldsmith|b. c 1852|p20300.htm#i202994|Jane Dorsett|b. 9 May 1861\nd. 1895|p20300.htm#i202995|||||||

Last Edited=3 Aug 2006
Ronald John James Goldsmith was born on 25 April 1931 at Hayes, Middlesex, England.1 He was the son of Stephen Charles Goldsmith and Edith Eliza Chandler.1 He married Dorothy Harrison, daughter of Thomas Harrison, on 8 August 1953 at Holy Trinity Church, Southall, Middlesex, England. He died in September 2003 at age 72.1
Child of Ronald John James Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison

* Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith+1 b. 1955


1. [S1122] Michael Rhodes, "re: updates," e-mail message to, 8 July 2004. Hereinafter cited as "re: updates."

Dorothy Harrison1
F, #202990, b. circa 1935
Dorothy Harrison|b. c 1935|p20299.htm#i202990|Thomas Harrison||p20300.htm#i202991||||||||||||||||

Last Edited=3 Aug 2006
Dorothy Harrison was born circa 1935.1 She is the daughter of Thomas Harrison.1 She married Ronald John James Goldsmith, son of Stephen Charles Goldsmith and Edith Eliza Chandler, on 8 August 1953 at Holy Trinity Church, Southall, Middlesex, England.
From 8 August 1953, her married name became Goldsmith.1
Child of Dorothy Harrison and Ronald John James Goldsmith

* Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith+1 b. 1955
Whilst it's not definitive proof, the fact that the marriage took place in Holy Trinity Church and not a synagogue leads me to think they aren't jewish. If you click on the paternal links and follow the ancestors back, they were all married in churches or register offices and lived in modest houses.
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