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Originally Posted by Bev View Post
I've not seen that article before - thank you. It's telling that all sorts of names have been put forward for the Ripper - some with convincing evidence - but this Aaron Kosminski has seemed to escape notice. Didn't someone write on a wall something along the lines of "the juwes (sic) are the ones who shall not be blamed"? I could never figure out what that was in aid of.
Bev, If you've got access, go through the archives and you'll see the debates raging in the papers, with the Jewish community fighting tooth and nail to prevent action being taken on the grounds that it would lead to pogroms in Britain.

That was their only argument.

I've not looked into it for about 10yrs and have lost all my documents, but if you follow the basic info in that Times report you'll soon discover that Aaron Kosminski was the name in the Press and on everybody's lips.

If memory serves, even Scotland Yard officers became embroiled in direct argument with the Jewish newspapers, as they fought to defend their case.