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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Since George Lucas seems to have based the "Evil Galactic Empire" on the Third Reich with similar-looking uniforms, TIE fighters sounding like Stukas, Darth Vader's helmet resembling the Stahlhelm, etc., then that makes the Empire the good guys, right?

The Empire Were The Good Guys in Star Wars
Yep , you're right , some people compare the 'evil Galactic Empire' to Nazi Germany . .

But isn't it not far fetched to compare ANY supposed authoritarian government to "the Nazis" ?

Even basing it on it . . ?

I even think people subconsciously compare all 'evil governments' to the "Nazis" . .

No surprise. .

Or maybe it was just 'publicity-seeking' on Lucas' part . .

Anyway, I think a certain 'racism' shines through . .

I'm going to be honest and say that Darth Vader's mask somehow reminds of negroid facial structures. .

For the record , this guy gave him his voice . .

Thulsa-Doom from 'Conan The Barbarian' . .

It would appear James Earl Jones never gets tired of playing 'evil black characters' . .

Maybe cast him for a possible future cinematic biography of 'Martin Luther King' ?

. . perhaps I should say 'Marxist Looter Coon' . .


On a side note , concerning Star Wars , there are numerous allusions to the Sith being based on primitive savages . . .

This is the Sith species . .

Facial structures reminiscent of Negroes and / or even a similarity to American Indians are hard to ignore . .

This picture speaks for itself . .

I think it could be interpreted that pretty much all the good guys ( if not touched by political correctness ) are pretty much portrayed as 'light beings' while the baddies are portayed as dark savages . .