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Originally Posted by Longbaugh View Post
I disowned Star Wars when it dawned on me that A New Hope and Return of the Jedi were just bad retellings if W.W. I and W.W. II, and that Han Solo was a drug smuggler.
One scene in 'A New Hope' was modeled after 'Triumph Of The Will' . .

Otherwise I could not see why you compare the two episodes to WW1 and 2 ?

And yes , Solo was a drug smuggler . .

Darth Vader is more akin to a shogun in imperial Japan: his helmet and mask much more closely resemble that of samurai armour than a stahlhelm, he's a master of the blade, he practices an esoteric religion, and he's the supreme, military commander who serves at the behest of the emperor.
Nigger/Jew loving Lucas just mashed feudal Japan and early twentieth century Germany together to create his evil empire.
Yep . . .

Germany and Japan were allies in WW2 . . .

However , see my post # 3 above . .