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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post

Otherwise I could not see why you compare the two episodes to WW1 and 2 ?
In Episode IV, the Death Star represents the Kaiser Reich, being an already, well established, imperial order; while in Episode VI, the Death Star represents the Dritte Reich: an expanding, new (as it were), imperial order that is incomplete in its construction.

In both films, stormtroopers don't represent the Sturmabteilung so much as they do all Germanic peoples: just faceless, white (the armour), militaristic and militant (Prussian Germans) clones.

In both films, Luke Skywalker represents the America of the day (kind of hokey, somewhat naive, blue eyed, blond, farm boy), but without whom neither Death Star would be destroyed.

It's not an exact retelling, but the symbolism is there.

I haven't decided if Leia represents England or Israel, yet.
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